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Benefits of Renting

Just a Few of the BENEFITS OF RENTING and Good Reasons that Renting is “So Smart, So Easy”

In the past, renting carried a negative connotation because people rented because they couldn’t afford to do otherwise. Not anymore! There’s been a shift in this attitude for various reasons. One reason is we’re an impatient people and want the best immediately! We’ve figured out we can have the best immediately and change often if we wish just by RENTING!

1. MINIMIZE INVENTORY RENTING equipment that is considered “support” (occasional use) in nature as opposed to “production” (continual use) prevents stocking a large inventory. In the case of large construction equipment, it requires over 60% time utilization to make money. Contractors that look at actual usage, discover they shouldn’t own much of the fleet they do.

2. RIGHT EQUIPMENT FOR JOB RENTING provides an opportunity to use the right piece of equipment, instead of attempting to make equipment you own do a job it wasn’t intended to do. Usually work is done quicker, safer, with better results & less collateral damage (eliminating hidden costs of inefficiency due to use of wrong size or type of equipment & the maintenance repairs incurred). Matching equipment to application is the smart way to go!

3. WAREHOUSING Use of RENTAL equipment eliminates need for storage areas & larger buildings, thus overhead in cost of doing business is minimized.

4. BREAKDOWNS Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns. When equipment breaks down, idle time is reduced through RENTAL replacement. Repair costs are eliminated too!

5. MAINTENANCE expense with RENTING is limited to normal daily & preventative maintenance. RENTING includes maintenance; No repair shop or spare parts inventory needed, No mechanics to staff, No added maintenance payroll & No maintenance record keeping!

6. OUTDATED EQUIPMENT Owning equipment involves the risk of rising wages & slower job completion time due to worn, obsolete models when better, faster equipment is available to RENT. Renting allows you to change often & keep up with the trends!

7. DISPOSAL COSTS Preparing used or obsolete equipment for resale or liquidation involves advertising & marketing, expense & time you won’t have if you RENT.

8. COST CONTROL Knowing the true costs of owned equipment is difficult. RENTED equipment offers you just one accounting cost figure: the RENTAL invoice.

9. INVENTORY CONTROL Having continuous billing on RENTED equipment establishes accountability. Inventory loss due to theft is greatly reduced!

10. REGISTRATIONS / INSPECTIONS / LICENSE Costs are completely eliminated on RENTED equipment!

11. CONSERVE CAPITAL By not buying new equipment & reducing your fleet, you conserve capital & create an expense line that flexes with volume of work. RENTING equipment frees capital for other potentially more profitable uses!

12. INCREASE BORROWING CAPACITY RENTING instead of buying makes borrowing easier, giving a better ratio of assets to liabilities, since equipment doesn’t appear as a liability on balance sheet. The normal line of bank credit isn’t disturbed, an important asset in securing bonds for construction work.

13. TAXES The cost of RENTAL is a normal cost of doing business. In most cases RENTAL costs are expensed, not depreciated, which can help reduce taxes.

14. JOB COSTING A RENTAL expense is very easy to assign to a specific job or client.

15. LOWER EXPENSES RENTING allows you to minimize insurance & finance costs.

16. QUALITY RENTING gives you access to better quality of equipment than you may be able to afford & it is often the newest technology available.

17. SAVE TIME If equipment goes down, RENTAL equipment delivered to jobsite saves on downtime at job.

18. SECURITY When you RENT you only guard against theft when equipment is in your possession.


19. MINIMIZE IDLE TIME When you combine owning often needed equipment with RENTING occasionally used equipment, you minimize equipment idle time due to economic or seasonal conditions. No more equipment sitting around doing nothing!

20. TRY IT OUT RENTING before you Buy is a good way to check equipment purchases out & try different brands. Allowing you to use equipment at length before making investment. In previous years if you wanted something you’d go buy it, the novelty wearing off after a few weeks & then put away forgotten. Money wasted!

21. SAVE PAYROLL With RENTING you don’t have to maintain full-time operators or repair personnel on staff.

22. MEET DEMAND RENTING allows you to meet short term (one time job & spur of the moment opportunities) & high peak (you don’t carry enough) demands.

23. PROJECT ENHANCEMENT Each project or job you bid on may have different equipment requirements than what you carry. RENTING enlarges your ability!

24. CHANGING NEEDS Because you only RENT when equipment’s needed, RENTING is great for people whose business fluctuates, may be moving, live out of the area or their jobs change on a daily basis.

25. TRANSPORTATION When you RENT you don’t have to own additional vehicles, trailers or equipment for transportation & set-up. Ideal Rent-All delivers!

26. SAFETY CHECKS are often required after each use of equipment & most users are not qualified to do it! Ideal Rent-All inspects after every RENTAL!

27. EDUCATION & TRAINING When you RENT we show you how to use equipment correctly. Especially helpful when doing something new or for the Do-It-Yourselfer!

28. LOWER INITIAL EXPENSE RENTING equipment for a startup business allows you to pay less out of pocket initial expenses for down payments or cash purchases.

29. REPAIRS on the equipment you own can often be done by Ideal Rent-All! We carry a wide inventory of parts & our staff has experience!

30. EQUIPMENT OPERATORS often times the job may be only a few minutes long or you just don’t have staff equipped & available call Ideal Rent-All we offer Deliver, Setup, Takedown & Operators for much of our equipment!

31. ENVIRONMENTALY FRIENDLY RENTING from Ideal Rent-All is the original GREEN thing to do! RENTING is a great way to re-use equipment! Why buy when you can RENT?

32. Think about it, RENTING makes sense and, RENTING is smart!